I'm Lizzie, a customer obsessed product designer.

Currently designing at Nordstrom in Seattle, WA

Company Financials

Refining how financial data is displayed on the PitchBook platform
Pitchbook Data // October 2020
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Public Company Profile Highlights

Giving users the data they need quickly
Pitchbook data // june 2020
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Excel Plugin for Office 365 & Mac

Creating the PitchBook Excel plugin using the Microsoft Fluent design system for our Office 365 and Mac users
Pitchbook Data // September 2020
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Customer Experience Center Website

Redesigning the Boeing Customer Experience Center website
boeing // August 2018
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Voice UX Research

Researching voice technology in the space of higher education
Microsoft // March 2019
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Boeing Solutions Studio Curved Wall

Redesigning the interface of the touchscreen curved wall in Boeing's Solutions Studio
Boeing // August 2018
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Nintex Blog Newsletter

Designing and testing a blog newsletter emailed out weekly to prospective clients and newsletter subscribers
Nintex // August 2017
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