Boeing Solutions Studio Curved Wall

The Customer Experience Center is Boeing’s executive briefing center; it is an immersive space with plane mockups, data visualizations, and interactive meeting spaces. Each year Boeing hosts hundreds of customers, suppliers, or other companies from around the globe. When those customers come to visit, they likely will come to the Customer Experience Center.

As the User Experience Designer at Boeing's Customer Experience Center I designed content about Boeing Global Services. During my exploratory research a need was found for a new user interface for the Solutions Studio part of the Customer Experience Center. The Solutions Studio is the space where Boeing has conversations with customers surrounding the services part of their business.The Six Panel Wall is a curved wall with six touch screens embedded into it. This is used in the space to touch on all the products that the Services group has to offer.

For this project I designed 75 screens to go across the 6 panel wall.
Boeing Commercial Airplanes
3 Months
Invision Studio
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
The Solutions Studio Six Panel Wall has outdated information that is shown to customers, often some of the products or services have changed or are no longer offered, yet they are still shown to customers.

In addition, Boeing Global Services has gone through a rebrand so the design needed to be changed to align with new brand standards.
01 Content Audit
Before I started my project I needed to get a better idea of Boeing Global Services and the way they present their products and how they talk about their products. To do this I reviewed the Services website in-depth, reviewed internal documents (such as presentations), and customer facing sales presentations. Overall I reviewed 10+ pieces of content.
02 Interviews
To better understand what the goal of the redesign and how it should look I interviewed the Brand Manager for Boeing Global Services. During our conversation I asked about why customers choose Boeing Global Services, the intentions behind the product offerings, how customers think about Boeing Global Services, How customers use the products, and the story behind Boeing Global Services.
Key Pain Points
- Customers think of the products and services offered in a different way than how the product categories are organized
- Customers use the products in a wide range of different ways
- Customers do not know the Boeing Global Services story
- Sometimes customers have a hard time understanding what all Boeing Global Services offers
- The movement through the Solutions Studio can feel disjointed and non-linear
03 Movement through the space
One of the key findings in the interviews was the current way we show customers through the space is a little disjointed. Customers walk one way then cross back to go to another point. In order to fix this we changed the direction through the space and which screen on the Six Panel Wall the content starts on. In the image below you can see the original pathway with the dashed line and the new pathway with the solid line. This change will make the space feel more cohesive and help the story flow better.
04 Information Architecture
After much discussion with the Services Sales team about the information architecture we decided to go forward with aligning it to the product categories since the sales team would be walking customers through the space, had it been my decision I would have organized the products by how the customers think about them.
So I could get all my ideas out the next thing I did was grab my sharpie and some paper and draw out different ideas.
07 Design
The new user interface aligns with the current brand guide for Boeing Commercial Services, is up to date with information and offerings, and has two new forms for customers: a presenter mode and a individual mode. Within the presenter mode the customer will be guided through the screens by a presenter and within the individual mode the user will explore the screens on their own.
Presenter Mode                                    
Individual Mode                                                                
07 Feedback
Overall feedback from both internal Boeing employees who use the space and customers was great and positive, many employees said the new designs helped with the understanding of the Boeing Global Services products and helped impact their sales campaigns.