Boeing Customer Experience Center Website

The Customer Experience Center (CEC) is Boeing’s executive briefing center; it is an immersive space with plane mockups, data visualizations, and interactive meeting spaces. Each year Boeing hosts hundreds of customers, suppliers, or other companies from around the globe. When those customers come to visit, they likely will come to the Customer Experience Center

During my time as a UX Designer for Boeing, I redesigned the Customer Experience Center (CEC) website. The website for the center is available to internal employees only and is used for booking, photo tours, and information on the center.
Boeing Commercial Airplanes
3 Months
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe InDesign
The current Customer Experience Center was is outdated and hard to use, employees are not using the Customer Experience Center website to find information and instead are going to the Customer Experience Center employees for everything.
01 Research
When Boeing hosts visitors, there are many different places they go. To understand where the Customer Experience Center fits into the journey of the customer, I researched the different customer focused places Boeing has and what their purpose is. Typically customers visit the Customer Experience Center at many different points within the sales cycle, with the most common being when they are actively looking to purchase a plane.

I audited the various sites for each customer center or tour to understand what users see on the other sites they visit as well as what information is typically shared on the internal websites.
02 User Interviews
To better understand the employees who use the Customer Experience Center, I conducted 13 in-depth user interviews.

The interviewees were Sales Program Managers, Customer Relations Managers, Regional Marketing Directors, and Sales Directors. All of which had used the Customer Experience Center in the past. I did this to better understand why employees use the space, what information they need when thinking of using the space, and more.
Key Pain Points
- Reservation form is confusing
- Availability needs to be available to make planning easier
- Confusion on the different parts of the CEC
- People go to the Customer Experience Designers for everything
- Primary goal is to reserve the space
- Low usage of the website due to confusing architecture
03 Personas
Using the information gathered from the user interviews I developed three personas for future use in developing the Customer Experience Center.
04 Site Content Decisions
Following the research and user interviews we narrowed down the list of items to include on the site.
05 Card Sort
After developing the personas I met with one person from each persona category plus a Sales Director to see how they would organize the content that would be on the site.
06 Information architecture
With this new information architecture users will have an easier time finding what they are looking for more easily. They will now have access to an availability calendar to see when the space is available, they can learn more about the different spaces within the Customer Experience Center and their uses, and they will know who to contact for specific situations.
How this solves users' pain points
07 UI Development
Boeing has a standard HTML/CSS wireframe that is used for internal sites. As the final part of my project I took this wireframe, adjusted it for this project, and wrote the rest of the content in HTML/CSS.

Due to some of the content being confidential I can only share a few screens from this project.